Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Miley cyrus nude pics. Some picz.

Miley cyrus nude pics. Some Pictures:

miley cyrus nude picsmiley cyrus nude picsmiley cyrus nude pics
What do you think of Miley Cyruss pics vanity fair? some of them arent that bad. such a bheind Scne vid, will expose its posng with his father in a black tank top and jeans. athgouth and the she said HTE nude pics are not supposed to be racy and artiicst people misinteprped. I think she realizes what she did rgerites nad. Even if Menat IWAS for artistic purposes, then whay are people getting so pissed about it. I mean there are people replace a sculpture naked nad dont get mad at people. I think if she wants to pose for Vanity Fair againg the next time, perhaps it would be alittle more clothing. What do you think? Why do we excpet disney stars to be perfect or Goody two shoes. I still love her nad photos that make her a bad person. I know that some parents are outraged that yb fingers nad ponitng to hter, buy why isn't parents tell their children that I do not approve Cryus shock but Miley's choice but personally it isn't ok? why do they say this?
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