Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Paris hilton sex. Sex sells.

Paris hilton sex. Some Pictures:

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Why Paris Hilton is a model so horrible? I have read many comments here about how the girls have few models such horrible in the media these days. I want to know, why not list EVERYONE Paris Hilton? Im assuming its plans due to the different crotch, partying, and sex tape. But they were naked photos of Vanessa Hudgens online too, but parents seem to have no problem taking children to see .. High School Musical so I dont get it? Maybe Paris has had some glaring errors in his day, but shes a woman very successful businessman with his clothing and fragrance line, and is involved with some great charities. I dont think shes a bad girl. Im more concerned about all the skanks on Rock of Love or Charm School ... but anyway. I wonder if Pariss name will not be allowed? Im sure there are many moms out there who have made a sex tape or forgot to wear pants at some point in their youth ... does not mean they are bad role models for their children? Unfortunently for Paris, the cameras capture everything she does with her private moments are put in the public eye. If I was snapped by the paparazzi 24 \ 7, id probably look like a bad person too who wouldnt? I never tell my children to be like this person or do not be like this person because celebrities are often misportrayed. I feel bad for Paris, taking all the heat that poor girl. I think its sweet how much she cares about animals ... thats a good quality that all children should have!
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